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Angel EFT uses the same principles mostly as Energy EFT, with the same tapping points. Here we are asking the angels to join us in our healing work. Sometimes we use it to call in the assistance of the angels, or a specific angel or Archangel. We use angel visualisations as well, to help heal, clear or create new energy.

The word ‘angel’ has a high vibrational energy, and speaking about angels, thinking about them, reading about them etc. often has the effect of raising a person’s energy vibration. Angel EFT is another type of Energy EFT and can be used as well as the original form, and even interchangeably. It appeals to those who love both angels and energy work, and who naturally want to connect to the angelic realms.

There are many different ways we can call upon angels to help us out in our lives or to help others. The techniques I describe are just some of the ways you can bring the angels into your EFT practise.

Join Susan on YouTube to see what Angel EFT looks like:

You can discover more about Angel EFT on our sister site

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