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Success Mentoring


  • Do you want to achieve success in your life, but are struggling to achieve your goals?
  • Feel as though you know what to do, but something keeps on getting in the way?
  • Do you procrastinate, and self-sabotage sometimes?
  • Do you wonder if your thinking and beliefs hold you back in terms of accomplishment?
My success mentorship programme is a 12 week, laser focused package where we get really clear on your goals, and how you are going to achieve them. You are asked to complete tasks between sessions to move things forward. You get one hour Skype (audio, unless both parties’ internet can sustain video) or phone session weekly and up to 12 emails’ support. We use Energy EFT and motivational strategies to get you focused and fired up for moving forward.
What success mentoring is not: It is not therapy. We are very much focused on the here and now and moreover where you want to be, as opposed to spending lots of time on what may have occurred in the past. If you require therapy this should be done separately to this service and with another therapist.
You take responsibility for your goals and your success, and I support you in our sessions to do so in a way that gets things done efficiently.
Who is success mentoring for? Success mentoring is for those who have tried to achieve a specific goal and due to lacking motivation or other reasons to do with the self they haven’t happened yet. It is for people who want to invest in their success and are serious about their goals. People who come for success mentoring are healthy efficacious people who want to be more successful.
How do I apply for Success Mentorship Programme? The 12-week success mentorship programme has an application process where you fill out an application form and we will discuss your needs and decide if we can work together. Request the form. 
Can I have a different package or amount of sessions? Yes, taster sessions are also available on request, and different packages to suit your needs. 12 is the generally recommended amount, but each client is unique and this is accounted for.
What sort of things can the Success Mentorship Help With?
  • Financial Success & Abundance Mindset
  • Success in Business
  • Personal fitness and Weight Loss
  • Writing Your Book
  • Clearing Away Clutter
  • Removing Blocks and Limiting Beliefs
  • Public Speaking
  • Balancing work/home life
  • Getting a job that is fulfilling and prosperous
  • Attracting a wonderful romantic partner
  • Making good decisions
  • Having more Fun in Life
  • and much more…..
Got Questions or Like to Apply? Get in Touch


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