Ten Top Tips for a Great Nights Sleep

Ten Top Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep



How well we sleep affects our overall well-being, and I have met many people who struggle with getting off to sleep or who wake in the night. Here are some pointers for a quality sleep that are worth considering:

  1. Make a bedtime routine: try to go to bed at roughly the same time each night and have a routine that you stick to.
  2. Keep technology out of the bedroom: phones, tablets, laptops and TV’s all stimulate the brain into alertness. If you need to use your phone for an alarm keep it as far away from you as possible. If you wake in the night don’t start checking emails or Facebook, this will make the mind alert.
  3. Get up: If you wake in the night and simply can’t go back to sleep get up for a while. Maybe half an hour. Read something boring or do something that relaxes you, then brush your teeth again (to trick the mind into thinking it’s bedtime) and go back to bed.
  4. Avoid caffeine after 4pm. Yes ordinary tea has caffeine too, so if you are a tea lover look out for the de-caff options.
  5. Make the bedroom a place of zen: declutter, re-decorate, put up beautiful pictures, treat yourself to new bedding, good pillows. Make the bedroom a place you really feel relaxed and at ease in.
  6. Job done: tidy up what odds and ends you need to do before the late evening so you aren’t going to bed with busy-brain, still processing and thinking about stuff you need to do.
  7. Get what’s in your head down on paper: got something rattling around that you are afraid of forgetting or not dealing with that’s keeping you awake? Write it down and include some action steps. Now, put it away, somewhere out of the bedroom and go back to bed.
  8. Sweet aroma: lavender oil is believed to have relaxation properties, and sprinkling two or three drops on your pillow a few hours before you go to bed might soothe you off to sleep. Be careful not to use too much as too many works as the reverse; a stimulant.
  9. Being grateful: thinking of things just before you go to bed that you are thankful about puts the mind in a positive state which may help a restful sleep. Many of us are too good at picking holes in what we did or didn’t do and this can turn into worry that detracts from a good nights rest.
  10. EFT, tapping. How can I fail to mention the tapping? So good for so many things, including a restful nights sleep.

Watch the EFT video for a good night’s sleep


What is Angel EFT Anyway?

What is Angel EFT Anyway?

Angel-EFT-Swirls-YouTube Custom


Since writing this blog originally I have now got a website devoted to Angel EFT which you can visit here.

I discovered that when I tapped (in EFT) I found it easier to sense my angels. My intuition was improved. When we raise our vibration, which is a natural result of EFT, we find it naturally easier to connect with the angelic realm. When I started doing tapping videos in 2012 I found that I naturally incorporated some of the practices I had learned with my angel training with the Diana Cooper Foundation.

Some of the techniques I use include:

  • visualising with the angels prior to or after tapping
  • tapping on the name of an angel
  • addressing the angels in the EFT round
  • visualising the angels tapping with you
  • asking the angels to supercharge your healing hands with golden energy prior to tapping
  • angel prayer tapping
  • using angel cards at the start or at the end of the tapping round

Angel EFT uses the same principles mostly as Energy EFT, with the same tapping points.

In Angel EFT we are asking the angels to join us, if you will, in our healing work. Sometimes we use it to call in the assistance of the angels, or a specific angel or Archangel. The visualisations help heal, clear or create new energy. We can also adopt the usual Energy EFT protocol, and simply use words added to our usual method, such as ‘I invite my angels to help with this now.’

The word ‘angel’ has a high vibrational energy, and speaking about angels, thinking about them, reading about them etc. often has the effect of raising a person’s energy vibration.

So an example of Angel EFT round for bringing more peace into your life for someone experiencing relationship conflicts could be this (please see my videos on YouTube and Facebook Light Life Learning to see me doing Angel EFT):

Close your eyes and visualise thick golden roots growing from the soles of your feet down deep into the earth and wrapping around a great crystal at the heart of the earth. Feel healing energy flowing from this crystal, all the way back up through the roots back into the physical body. Invite this healing, nurturing energy into every cell in the body. Take some deep, cleansing breaths. Imagine a stream of white light flowing in through the crown chakra into your energy body, clearing and cleansing the energy meridians and the major and minor chakras, freeing up your energy. Place yourself in a protective bubble of blue light, sealing around your energy so that you feel completely safe. Now call to mind your own guardian angel and any Archangels you like to work with who will assist you with this work.

Take three deep breaths at the heart centre and say: Angels please help more peace to flow into my life and into my being now.

Take another breath and tap gently on the top of the head and say: I choose to be a magnet for peaceful experiences.

Take another breath and tap gently on the third eye point and say: I release any part I have played in attracting difficulties and drama in my life now.

Eyebrow Point: I am open to learning any new information that will assist me in this if I need it.

Side of the eye: I invite Archangel Raguel to assist in any relationship conflict experiences.

Under the Eye: Peace in all my relationships.

Under the nose: Love in my heart.

Chin: Peace in my home.

Collar bones: Thank you Archangel Raguel for helping me to attract more peace into my relationships.

Thumb: I allow more peace to flow into my mind and body now.

Index finger: Letting go of tensions.

Middle Finger: I release any power struggle that I may have been playing a part in.

Ring Finger: I speak my truth with love, and invite fairness to flow in now.

Baby Finger: I can’t control how other people behave but I can always choose my response.

Side of the hand: I choose to respond to people in my life with the highest integrity with the help of my angels.

Heart Centre: Inviting peace into my life now, thank you angels.

Closing your eyes again visualise yourself and the person with whom you have been in conflict within a golden figure of eight, each of you in one circle of the eight. The light and the eight formation cuts cords of fear between you and also brings in the higher energy of the angels to the situation. If there is more than one person you can do it separately for each one or if they are somehow connected put them all in the one circle and yourself in the other.

Note: There are many different words you could use depending on what the issue is; the round demonstrated above is almost certainly not going to be relevant to each and every person in a relationship conflict. Also, one round as demonstrated above is usually quite short, and it’s okay to repeat it or to do it using different words.







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5 Steps to Giving and Receiving for Balanced Energy

5 Steps to Giving and Receiving for Balanced Energy



Sometimes people who love healing and helping others have a tendency to put everyone else first and themselves last. They experience imbalances in the energy field as a result which can manifest in many ways, some of which might be: having blocked intuition, blocks in their abundance, clutter in the home or even physical ill health. If this sounds like you, how does it sound when I say ‘receiving is every bit as important as giving,? Is this true? For some people, even receiving a compliment is out of the question:

1: You look lovely in that
2: Oh, this thing, I’ve had it for ages and I look so fat, it’s all I could find.

Or accepting help when you need it. When somebody offers to carry something or do anything for you, practise saying ‘yes please,’ instead of refusing them without even thinking.

When we give to others we are activating our masculine energy, and receiving is the feminine energy. Sounds funny I know. But it’s nothing to do with whether you are male or female, just the energy you are activating.

If we can practise giving and receiving daily, we will feel better in ourselves and things will flow better in our lives. Refusing to receive is blocking the blessings that are coming our way. This may have been programmed for us by a well-meaning elder in our childhood. But as soon as we are aware of the pattern we have the power to change things. If you have been having this problem there are some simple ways to remedy this pattern.

1. Try using EFT or working with a practitioner if the problem is very deeply ingrained. Here is an Angel EFT video on this subject:

2. Learn to accept a compliment. Even if you don’t agree with it, look the person in the eye, smile and simply say thank you.

3. Use the affirmation ‘I am open to receiving blessings; I give and receive freely for the good of everyone.’

4. Buy yourself a gift or treat yourself to something nurturing and gentle, because you are worth it. Make a point of doing this again on a regular basis, write it in your diary or set a reminder. It doesn’t have to be an expensive thing unless you want it to be. It’s the gesture of doing something kind for yourself.

5. If you learned this pattern from someone when you were growing up, acknowledge that in your mind and ask the angels to help you to release this pattern with love. That person probably learned the pattern from somebody before them, it may have been passed down along many generations.

Remember that we are much better in our helping and healing, and even loving others, when we have learned to love ourselves.


5 Ways to get Lighter, Clearer Energy

5 Ways to get Lighter, Clearer Energy


5 Ways to get Lighter, Clearer Energy:

  1. Gratitude: Making a gratitude list on a daily basis – and of course forgiving yourself if ever you forget or don’t get time – can increase your abundance and lighten up your being. If we think of gratitude as a frequency it could be said that it is one of the highest. It’s up there with love, joy, peace and so on. Sometimes it can be hard at first, especially if you’ve been going through a rough time and are not focusing on what you are grateful for, but it gets easier with practise and is really worth the effort.
  2. Surround yourself with lighter things: We are all energy. Our thoughts have an energy. Our body has an energy. What we deal with every day has a direct effect on our energy. The food we eat, the drinks we drink. But what people don’t know is that it’s usually very easy to change your energy and very rapidly. Ever been in a terrible low mood and met someone and started to feel better just to be in their presence? Or watched an uplifting movie or read a book which seems to brighten you up? It’s no coincidence. Things affect our energy and we can choose to surround ourselves with ‘high frequency’ material. Even if you are having trouble in a relationship or are exposed to somebody who is operating at a low, negative frequency this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn to protect your own energy and purify it so that their stuff doesn’t get mixed up in your vibration. What great teachers these folk are! This brings me on to…
  3. Protect your energy: Some people work with angels and call on Archangel Michael and his warrior like presence to mind their energy, others simply visualise being held in a bubble of light. If you are not good at visualising, trust that having the intention is working. Whatever method you choose, be consistent. If you suddenly realise you have forgotten to protect your energy and something is lingering around, draining you, immediately call upon your angels and guides to clean you up!! Cord cutting is another great way to clean up your energy. For those of you who didn’t know there is a free 10 minute soothing angel visualisation ‘cutting cords at Archangel Michaels retreat’ for you to download when you subscribe to the newsletter. The perfect way to clean up your energy every evening.
  4. Delegate what you can: For those of you who like to carry everyone, or take on lots and lots, this is not healthy for you, nor is it healthy for those that you ‘over-help.’ Remember, everyone likes to feel useful, give the job to somebody else if you can.
  5. Look at your stress levels and if they are high, practice relaxation and give yourself the attention you deserve to heal this. Here’s a video for dealing with stress with EFT.



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