5 Steps to Manifesting a Holiday




5 Steps to Manifesting a Holiday

How do we go on holiday? We have the idea, we browse, we save, we plan, we choose, we book, we get excited, we pack… at least this is my experience of it. Having the idea and imagining being on that holiday are also known as manifesting. In this blog I look at 5 steps to manifesting an amazing holiday.

1) Get it clear in your mind where you want to go and how you want to feel.

Having a vague idea of visiting Paris or going to a Greek island one day is not being clear. Saying ‘I want to stay in a lovely villa on the island of Crete next July for two weeks’ is being clear. Once you are clear, you are in the state of meaning business, the universe will start listening. Also state how you would like to feel, what experiences you might like to have. Do you love the beach? The sunset? The food? Family time? Peace and tranquillity? Would you go sightseeing?

Place a picture or pictures of the place you’d love to go, somewhere you will see them regularly. Perhaps beside your bed so you see them last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Get into the feeling of being grateful for your amazing holiday. Make a vision board with your holiday on it. I place my vision board on my phone and computer background and around the home so I am constantly seeing it.

2) Be Positive about your Vision

If you have nagging doubts about the practicality of this holiday, you need to shake them in order to manifest your holiday, otherwise your beliefs will block you. You need to get yourself on a feeling frequency of having the money/time off etc for the holiday. It’s not about being irresponsible, in cloud cuckoo land, or anything less than what is for your highest good. I have known people who have spent above their means, borrowed lots of money, and that’s not what this is about. It’s about changing your mind and allowing the universal flow to open doors that were shut before.

Funny thing is, we don’t know everything, and we don’t have all the answers. If you are open to it, money can come in in ways you never expected. I have experienced this many times personally and so have my clients.

If negative thoughts come in, immediately change them by focusing on things that you love, that you are grateful for, that you already have in your life now.

3) Use Energy EFT to strengthen your Vision and Improve Energy Flow around this Holiday

In Modern Energy EFT we can go on an energy holiday any time we like. Those of you who have trained with me or others in Energy EFT have enjoyed the feeling of ‘Caribbean beach energy’ or whatever the group chose to tap for. It brings your frequency up in minutes and makes you feel great, because the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference, and because it helps energy flow better and invites that lovely energy in.

Here is one I manifested earlier using my vision board and Energy EFT, the glorious evening Portuguese sun is in my eyes so I am squinting a little.

So there I tapped on ‘amazing holiday,’ which helps raise energy especially when you are focusing on your idea of an amazing holiday. But afterwards I explain a technique I use, using the future aspect of yourself actually on holiday. So you tap around the points describing yourself being on the holiday, what you are doing, what you love about it. How you feel.

4) Get yourself to Plus Ten on the SUE Scale



On the SUE scale where are you just now when you think about your dream holiday? Tap as often as you can (at least daily) to bring your score up to plus ten. If it seems too crazy, and you just can’t believe that’s possible, then pick one that would be amazing that feels more believable. But don’t bring your standards down too much. The more manifesting you do, the easier it gets as you appreciate your results.

5) If you are new to manifesting, practise manifesting small things as well

You can also manifest small things, such as seeing a white feather, having a lovely smoothie, a day out with a friend. Remember to see yourself already having got this and feeling really grateful for it. You can do this alongside manifesting your holiday.

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