5 Steps to Giving and Receiving for Balanced Energy



Sometimes people who love healing and helping others have a tendency to put everyone else first and themselves last. They experience imbalances in the energy field as a result which can manifest in many ways, some of which might be: having blocked intuition, blocks in their abundance, clutter in the home or even physical ill health. If this sounds like you, how does it sound when I say ‘receiving is every bit as important as giving,? Is this true? For some people, even receiving a compliment is out of the question:

1: You look lovely in that
2: Oh, this thing, I’ve had it for ages and I look so fat, it’s all I could find.

Or accepting help when you need it. When somebody offers to carry something or do anything for you, practise saying ‘yes please,’ instead of refusing them without even thinking.

When we give to others we are activating our masculine energy, and receiving is the feminine energy. Sounds funny I know. But it’s nothing to do with whether you are male or female, just the energy you are activating.

If we can practise giving and receiving daily, we will feel better in ourselves and things will flow better in our lives. Refusing to receive is blocking the blessings that are coming our way. This may have been programmed for us by a well-meaning elder in our childhood. But as soon as we are aware of the pattern we have the power to change things. If you have been having this problem there are some simple ways to remedy this pattern.

1. Try using EFT or working with a practitioner if the problem is very deeply ingrained. Here is an Angel EFT video on this subject:

2. Learn to accept a compliment. Even if you don’t agree with it, look the person in the eye, smile and simply say thank you.

3. Use the affirmation ‘I am open to receiving blessings; I give and receive freely for the good of everyone.’

4. Buy yourself a gift or treat yourself to something nurturing and gentle, because you are worth it. Make a point of doing this again on a regular basis, write it in your diary or set a reminder. It doesn’t have to be an expensive thing unless you want it to be. It’s the gesture of doing something kind for yourself.

5. If you learned this pattern from someone when you were growing up, acknowledge that in your mind and ask the angels to help you to release this pattern with love. That person probably learned the pattern from somebody before them, it may have been passed down along many generations.

Remember that we are much better in our helping and healing, and even loving others, when we have learned to love ourselves.


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