5 Ways to Lighten Your Thoughts and Improve your life

I love the idea of being a Thought Master. It has a nice ring to it, whether it’s possible or not, I’d like to share some of the tips that I have found effective in mastering one’s thoughts. There’s also an Energy EFT video for lightening up. 

There’s a lot of speculation as to just how many thoughts we have every day, but what we do know is that it’s in the thousands and that many of today’s thoughts are likely to overlap with yesterdays. We go over the same thoughts many, many times. So I think it’s worth having a look at your thoughts and weeding out any that aren’t serving you. Those negative ones that pull you down. Jot down one now, if you can remember, your last negative or worrisome thought. Without judging yourself. Now, here are 5 ways to lighten your thoughts:

1) Turn the thought into a question

If the thought is about something that upsets or annoys you, try to turn it into a question.

Here are a few examples:

I don’t get enough help around here; it’s so unfair. Ask the question: How can I get more help around here?

I’m so lonely. Ask the question: How can I support myself to feel more connected?

I have no control over my diet. Ask the question: How can I help myself around my eating?

That person is so annoying/wrong (insert other adjective). Ask the question: What can I do to support myself around this person so that I don’t get so triggered? I even like to ask, ‘what is this person showing me about me?’

Notice how all of those questions started with the word ‘how’ or ‘what?’ How is a very good question word, as well as ‘what?’ Words such as ‘why’ are usually less supportive for us as they might lead us into the ‘it’s not fair,’ victim mode, or casting judgement. How/what are often more exploratory and solution-focussed. 

2) Acceptance

In mindfulness, Padraig O’Morain points out that the first part is awareness (being aware of what’s going on) and the second part is accepting it, without rushing into judgement. That means accepting how you feel without fighting it. NOT lying down and doing nothing. There’s a difference. In Dialectal Behaviour Therapy, the concept of radical acceptance is where our emotional mind and rational mind meet, and we see the situation more objectively. 

3) Choose Company with Care

We can’t always choose who we live with but we can often choose, to some extent, the friends we have and the people we surround ourselves with, and that counts for online as well as physical. What’s interesting is, as you raise your vibration, you will usually naturally drift away from certain people and attract more positive people into your life. Also look at what you listen to, on the TV, YouTube, Whatsapp, podcasts or such. Is it/are they inspiring? Or are you left with negative thoughts? Fine-tune what you listen to and engage with to create more positivity in your life. 

4) Think about What You Love

Make a conscious effort, many times throughout the love to think about the things you love. Things you feel excited about or grateful for. 

I didn’t used to like winter. I fought with it in my head and used to ruminate about all the things I didn’t like about it. But that’s changed now. I see the beauty in winter. The cosiness of having a warm home (and I’m very grateful for that) and being able to look out at harsh weather. The fact that Christmas is in winter, and I like Christmas. The beauty of nature as it goes into sleepy-mode, even though if you look closely, there’s still so much happening. The joy of a crisp, sunny day and the photos I can take. 

5) Learn to manage your energy

In my book ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ I have a chapter called ‘Energy Hygiene’ which talks about how to mind your energy around difficult people and situations. In truth, nobody can really steal our energy since there is a never-ending supply. However, some people will test us to the limit and we can full of negative thoughts after being with them. You can use positive visualisation to mind your energy around certain people. I have often visualised that I am surrounded in a ball of light, or bubble. That negativity just pings off it and can’t get through.

As a bonus to 5 Ways to Lighten your thoughts, here is the Energy EFT video for lightening up. Enjoy! Susan


About the author:

Known as YouTube’s Angel EFT lady, Susan is a life coachtapping practitionerangel workshop facilitator and writer. International bestselling spiritual author, Diana Cooper, commended her self-help book, Angel EFT. Susan specialises in helping people to get clear about their life purpose and release blocks to joy and success. Focusing on letting go of limiting beliefs that have been putting happiness on hold, and then powerfully visualising what the client wants to create. She has coached writers, business owners, teachers, doctors, artists and all number of clients who wish to improve their life.

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