Do you feel a sense of heaviness or burden? As though life is hard? I’d love to help you if that’s the case. To feel lighter, that is. I’ll share some of my tips that I have found effective in this blog, which also contains an Energy EFT video.

  • Identify what it is that is dragging you down. For some it’d money worries, for others maybe you are spreading yourself too thin. Doing too much. For others still it might be just the way you are thinking. Negative thoughts always drags people down, as does being too hard on yourself. Be honest with yourself and see what needs your attention. This is the first step in taking some action towards helping matters.
  • Let go of something – whether it’s a top that you don’t like the look of, or a pile of papers. If you are overwhelmed by clutter, start small. Think of releasing one thing a day.
  • Hang out with uplifting people – as social creatures, and indeed, energy beings, we are affected by those around us. If you don’t have any or many uplifting people around you right now, go about seeking some out. People who behave negatively, complain or bitch about others will not help you to lighten up. If they are unavoidable (e.g. in the workplace) think of bringing your own positivity wherever you go. Don’t get dragged into their negative conversation as far as possible, change the subject or move away.
  • Follow Your Bliss – Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, tells us that we must follow our bliss, seek out that which makes you feel alive or gets you excited. If you are 72 and always wanted to play the guitar, who is stopping you? When we do these things, not only does it lighten us up but it opens doors for us and new opportunities appear that we never thought of before.
  • Learn to manage your energy – in my book ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ I have a chapter called ‘Energy Hygiene’ which talks about how to mind your energy around difficult people and situations. In truth, nobody can really steal our energy since there is a never-ending supply. However some people will test us to the limit and we can feel drained after being with them. You can use positive visualisation to mind your energy around certain people. I have often visualised that I am surrounded in a ball of light, or bubble. That negativity just pings off it and can’t get though.

What are your own tips? Or did you try any of these, and if so how did it go? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Please don’t leave comments under the blog as I don’t reply to them because of the large amount of spam that comes through.

Here is the Energy EFT video for lightening up. Enjoy! Susan

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