5 Ways to get Lighter, Clearer Energy


5 Ways to get Lighter, Clearer Energy:

  1. Gratitude: Making a gratitude list on a daily basis – and of course forgiving yourself if ever you forget or don’t get time – can increase your abundance and lighten up your being. If we think of gratitude as a frequency it could be said that it is one of the highest. It’s up there with love, joy, peace and so on. Sometimes it can be hard at first, especially if you’ve been going through a rough time and are not focusing on what you are grateful for, but it gets easier with practise and is really worth the effort.
  2. Surround yourself with lighter things: We are all energy. Our thoughts have an energy. Our body has an energy. What we deal with every day has a direct effect on our energy. The food we eat, the drinks we drink. But what people don’t know is that it’s usually very easy to change your energy and very rapidly. Ever been in a terrible low mood and met someone and started to feel better just to be in their presence? Or watched an uplifting movie or read a book which seems to brighten you up? It’s no coincidence. Things affect our energy and we can choose to surround ourselves with ‘high frequency’ material. Even if you are having trouble in a relationship or are exposed to somebody who is operating at a low, negative frequency this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn to protect your own energy and purify it so that their stuff doesn’t get mixed up in your vibration. What great teachers these folk are! This brings me on to…
  3. Protect your energy: Some people work with angels and call on Archangel Michael and his warrior like presence to mind their energy, others simply visualise being held in a bubble of light. If you are not good at visualising, trust that having the intention is working. Whatever method you choose, be consistent. If you suddenly realise you have forgotten to protect your energy and something is lingering around, draining you, immediately call upon your angels and guides to clean you up!! Cord cutting is another great way to clean up your energy. For those of you who didn’t know there is a free 10 minute soothing angel visualisation ‘cutting cords at Archangel Michaels retreat’ for you to download when you subscribe to the newsletter. The perfect way to clean up your energy every evening.
  4. Delegate what you can: For those of you who like to carry everyone, or take on lots and lots, this is not healthy for you, nor is it healthy for those that you ‘over-help.’ Remember, everyone likes to feel useful, give the job to somebody else if you can.
  5. Look at your stress levels and if they are high, practice relaxation and give yourself the attention you deserve to heal this. Here’s a video for dealing with stress with EFT.



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