8 Ways to Get Creative and Why That’s a Great Idea




In recent times we are cottoning on to the fact that play and creativity are not just for the kids. Whether it’s painting, writing a story or colouring, creative pursuits can be very meditative and relaxing as you are taking time out from the need-to/have-to stuff and using a different part of the brain from the one you use for the daily perfunctory tasks. Furthermore getting in touch with your creative side has been shown to improve mood and even help people overcome depression. We get a sense of achievement and begin to value ourselves more. How you get creative is up to you, but here are a few suggestions of what some people do just to get the ideas flowing:

  1. Adult colouring books are now widely available. Get into the chill zone as you allow yourself to get lost in colouring.
  2. Journaling – write down stuff, with your pen into a physical notebook rather than computer. It could be a poem, a list of things you feel grateful for or just a plain old rant if you are feeling frustrated. Let it be your book that you can write whatever you feel like in it.
  3. Painting, drawing or sketching, if you are not too confident join a class or learn about it from a book or online. The important thing to remember if you are not joining a class is to make the commitment to yourself to put time aside for it. Make it a part of your routine.
  4. Gardening is also creative and gives a sense of achievement when your seeds or plants grow.
  5. Nature Photography Walk – look at things through the eyes of a child again. Take photos of things you see. You don’t have to be Suzi Eszterhas, and the phone camera will do just fine. It’s just an adventure for you.
  6. Cook or bake something really new buying the ingredients and planning a new dish can really nurture your inner chef, or child! Cooking and baking also stimulates our senses.
  7. Go on a play date either alone or with someone but the objective is for you to play, doing something with the kids is okay so long as you get to play too.
  8. Music, listening or playing. Make it fun and uplifting. Move, dance.

When we are in the creative zone we often experience a sense of timelessness that we don’t get in other areas of our life.  Often as adults we are fulfilling roles of expectation, but when we create we can be who we really are more and get a sense of our inner authentic self. We also become better problem solvers. Instead of looking for outside direction or modelling we are  required in creative activities to look within, which develops our confidence in solving problems. When you devote some time doing something creative for you there is a sense of caring about your well-being which gives you the message you matter. Sometimes as adults, particularly for parents or carers we can forget that we are important too – me-time is a must. If you join a group either physically or online to do with your chosen activity you also foster a sense of community and connection with like-minded folk.

Some people experience blocks to the creative self. These can be due to faulty old programming. As a writer I know my own old ones and have heard other writers talk about painful throwaway comments by teachers or well-meaning parents which have acted to shut down confidence and stunt creativity. I have used EFT to overcome blocks and also to motivate myself and others to write, here is a video for writers.

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