A Dose of Positivity

A Dose of Positivity


Sometimes when we don’t feel so good a bit of positive energy can turn this around in minutes. Ever been around someone who is always negative and complaining? How do they make you feel? Similarly, think of someone who inspires you or feels good to be around. The way we feel, our energy, vibration or whatever else you want to call it actually changes from moment to moment.

People in a depressed state are unaware of this because the depression ‘voice’ always says: ‘everything is bad, has been for ages and will be for a very long time if not forever.’ Well that’s simply not true in most cases, and there is a lot more we can do about how we feel than we perhaps realise. That’s why I called this blog a dose of positivity.

Aside from being in inspiring company, one of the fastest things I have witnessed and used myself in changing feelings from painful to pleasant is EFT, emotional freedom techniques – tapping. With EFT we literally talk ourselves calm and into a more positive state whilst tapping on energy meridians. I demonstrate in the video below a way of doing this, and there are many, many variations you can use.

Here are some more ways to feel more positive right now:

  • For the cluttered head feeling: get a piece of paper and write down all that is bothering you as though you are writing a shopping list. Give each item a number. Now go over the list and write down things you can do today to help resolve these things. Think baby steps for the bigger challenges, there is always something you can do today.
  • Make a list of ten things you feel grateful for in your life. If you are feeling fed up, dig deep.
  • Make a list of the things you have achieved in your life. It doesn’t have to be all about qualifications, it could be that you saved up for something, helped somebody, overcame something, coped with something stressful.
  • Move your body. Exercise can totally change the way you feel. It doesn’t have to be the gym, there are thousands of YouTube videos from a few minutes upwards where you don’t require fancy equipment.
  • Use affirmations: these are always said in the positive and as though they are already reality even if you don’t feel it yet. One example is ‘I am feeling better and better today with every breath I take.’ The more you repeat them, the more effective they are. They are also a good way of answering back or replacing negative thoughts.
  • ‘Weed out’ negative thought patterns that you have that lower your mood and confidence. Get to know any negative dialogue you have going on in your head so that you are in a position to do something positive about that. Write them down and then evaluate if they are accurate or if they are just an old record that refuses to change. Quite often we repeat old skewed thoughts without questioning them. If you have a lot of these work with a good counsellor or EFT Practitioner.


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