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Attracting Money: Today’s blog is about money, and your role of it in your life. How is your financial situation just now? What would it be just now if you were to measure it on the SUE scale asking the question, how do I feel about money?

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If your score was anything less than plus eight ask the question, ‘what do I need to get three places higher?’ So for example if your score when you think about money is minus 1, what do you need in order to move up to plus 2? Of course, the goal is to get to plus ten, but I suggest asking yourself about three places higher is a great start and you can keep going from there.
Traditionally in EFT we looked at negative beliefs around money, getting money, having money, spending money etc., and this is still useful. If you can weed out negative beliefs and self-talk around money this will definitely help to move you up the scale. Limiting beliefs around money include: money is the root of all evil; I am no good with money; money just slips through my fingers; there is never enough money for people like me; rich people are greedy/bad/selfish etc.
What difference does it make where I am on the SUE scale?
Quite simply put, the higher you are on the scale, the easier money is for you. People for whom money is a constant battle are experiencing life in the minuses, and these people can easily be earning high salaries and still feel this way. Just as someone who is not currently earning or receiving much money can be in the pluses and feel an ease, confidence and trust around money.

What does life in the pluses feel like and how do I create that for myself?
Be grateful: People who are in the pluses around money feel grateful for what they have. Gratitude is a blessings magnet, and the more grateful you feel right now the more good things you are attracting into your life.
Receive with grace: I once read that the thought of ‘oh that’s not enough’ when you do receive money is a real money repellent. And so if you win two euros (pounds, dollars etc) be grateful, receive it with grace. If someone gifts you some money, don’t only show gratitude to them but give thanks in your mind for receiving money, even if you feel you would like and need more.
Thank the invoicer: When the bills come in, in your mind thank the sender for the service they provide for you, for example electricity, insurance and such.
Invite Money into your life: Say affirmations that invite money into your life such as ‘I welcome free flow of money into my life and I gratefully receive it.’ Here I created a video on attracting €1000 (you can change the amount and the currency as needed) with EFT.

Why not use this Energy EFT exercise daily for 30 days and see what happens?

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