Beat Procrastination with Inspiration

Beat Procrastination with Inspiration

Beat Procrastination with Inspiration

Do you have a goal you’ve wanted to achieve for years but you keep putting it off? Or something you want to manifest or create in your life that isn’t showing up yet? This blog challenges you to revisit this and overcome procrastination, replacing it with inspiration.. and ultimately, action! 

Step 1) Take Responsibility

Acknowledge that you are in control of your destiny. It’s up to you. Some people get stuck on this because they point the finger outside of themselves which leaves them feeling powerless. Examples might be blaming one’s lack of action on other people or outside circumstances rather than seeking out a solution. When we blame things/people around us we are in victim mode, which isn’t empowering. To launch yourself out of victim mode ask yourself what one thing you could do to help yourself to move forward. You can always do something. 

Step 2) Get Excited

See yourself having it/having achieved your goal. Get excited in the visualisation of your future self. Make pictures in your mind, feel the joy in your body as you imagine it. I like using tapping to tell the story of having achieved the thing and really celebrating it while tapping around the points. 

Step 3) Be Clear about Why

There has to be a reason for you to take this action, which isn’t easy otherwise you would have done it ages ago, probably. What is your why? Why do you want this? Write a list of all the reasons you would love to manifest/achieve this. This will help you on days that it’s hard to take the actions. 

Step 4) Know your Enemy… and Make Friends With It

By your enemy, I mean the block that’s been getting in the way. It is possibly a limiting belief. Or simply an excuse (which is usually tied up with a limiting belief). Some typical excuses are:

‘I can’t be more positive because I am surrounded by negativity.’

‘I can’t earn more because of the economy.’

‘I can’t work on my relationships the way I want to because I have no time.’

‘I could never be successful because none of my family was.’

‘I can’t do this because I don’t have the motivation.’

‘I can’t exercise because the weather is too bad.’

You get the idea!! 🙂

Step 5) Repeat Step 2!!


  • Rate yourself now on the vibrational scale (above) making the statement ‘I am totally aligned with my goal and am moving powerfully towards it,’ and then measure how true this is. 10 is completely and utterly true. Five is neither true nor false, and below five is untrue with 0 being the farthest away from the truth possible.
  • If you are 10 then you are okay, no need to continue. Any less, then proceed to this part: Write down any thoughts or beliefs that you have about not being able to achieve your goals. List them separately from one another as headings. Now look carefully at each one and see how true or helpful it is, and if you’d like to change it.
  • Follow the video below tapping modern energy EFT to help raise your number (or you can use the Energy EFT SUE scale in the video, they work equally well). Towards the end of the video, you can pause it and keep tapping using words directly relevant to you and your goals or issues. Finish with a positive round. Stuck for ideas? Browse my YouTube channel.

The aim is to get your number to 10 to overcome any patterns like this. Tapping helps us to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs, that get in the way of us fully flourishing.

About the author:

Known as YouTube’s Angel EFT lady, Susan is a life coachtapping practitionerangel workshop facilitator and writer. International bestselling spiritual author, Diana Cooper, commended her self-help book, Angel EFT. Susan specialises in helping people to get clear about their life purpose and release blocks to joy and success. Focusing on letting go of limiting beliefs that have been putting happiness on hold, and then powerfully visualising what the client wants to create. She has coached writers, business owners, teachers, doctors, artists and all number of clients who wish to improve their life.


5 Ways to Lighten Your Thoughts

5 Ways to Lighten Your Thoughts

5 Ways to Lighten Your Thoughts and Improve your life

I love the idea of being a Thought Master. It has a nice ring to it, whether it’s possible or not, I’d like to share some of the tips that I have found effective in mastering one’s thoughts. There’s also an Energy EFT video for lightening up. 

There’s a lot of speculation as to just how many thoughts we have every day, but what we do know is that it’s in the thousands and that many of today’s thoughts are likely to overlap with yesterdays. We go over the same thoughts many, many times. So I think it’s worth having a look at your thoughts and weeding out any that aren’t serving you. Those negative ones that pull you down. Jot down one now, if you can remember, your last negative or worrisome thought. Without judging yourself. Now, here are 5 ways to lighten your thoughts:

1) Turn the thought into a question

If the thought is about something that upsets or annoys you, try to turn it into a question.

Here are a few examples:

I don’t get enough help around here; it’s so unfair. Ask the question: How can I get more help around here?

I’m so lonely. Ask the question: How can I support myself to feel more connected?

I have no control over my diet. Ask the question: How can I help myself around my eating?

That person is so annoying/wrong (insert other adjective). Ask the question: What can I do to support myself around this person so that I don’t get so triggered? I even like to ask, ‘what is this person showing me about me?’

Notice how all of those questions started with the word ‘how’ or ‘what?’ How is a very good question word, as well as ‘what?’ Words such as ‘why’ are usually less supportive for us as they might lead us into the ‘it’s not fair,’ victim mode, or casting judgement. How/what are often more exploratory and solution-focussed. 

2) Acceptance

In mindfulness, Padraig O’Morain points out that the first part is awareness (being aware of what’s going on) and the second part is accepting it, without rushing into judgement. That means accepting how you feel without fighting it. NOT lying down and doing nothing. There’s a difference. In Dialectal Behaviour Therapy, the concept of radical acceptance is where our emotional mind and rational mind meet, and we see the situation more objectively. 

3) Choose Company with Care

We can’t always choose who we live with but we can often choose, to some extent, the friends we have and the people we surround ourselves with, and that counts for online as well as physical. What’s interesting is, as you raise your vibration, you will usually naturally drift away from certain people and attract more positive people into your life. Also look at what you listen to, on the TV, YouTube, Whatsapp, podcasts or such. Is it/are they inspiring? Or are you left with negative thoughts? Fine-tune what you listen to and engage with to create more positivity in your life. 

4) Think about What You Love

Make a conscious effort, many times throughout the love to think about the things you love. Things you feel excited about or grateful for. 

I didn’t used to like winter. I fought with it in my head and used to ruminate about all the things I didn’t like about it. But that’s changed now. I see the beauty in winter. The cosiness of having a warm home (and I’m very grateful for that) and being able to look out at harsh weather. The fact that Christmas is in winter, and I like Christmas. The beauty of nature as it goes into sleepy-mode, even though if you look closely, there’s still so much happening. The joy of a crisp, sunny day and the photos I can take. 

5) Learn to manage your energy

In my book ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ I have a chapter called ‘Energy Hygiene’ which talks about how to mind your energy around difficult people and situations. In truth, nobody can really steal our energy since there is a never-ending supply. However, some people will test us to the limit and we can full of negative thoughts after being with them. You can use positive visualisation to mind your energy around certain people. I have often visualised that I am surrounded in a ball of light, or bubble. That negativity just pings off it and can’t get through.

As a bonus to 5 Ways to Lighten your thoughts, here is the Energy EFT video for lightening up. Enjoy! Susan


About the author:

Known as YouTube’s Angel EFT lady, Susan is a life coachtapping practitionerangel workshop facilitator and writer. International bestselling spiritual author, Diana Cooper, commended her self-help book, Angel EFT. Susan specialises in helping people to get clear about their life purpose and release blocks to joy and success. Focusing on letting go of limiting beliefs that have been putting happiness on hold, and then powerfully visualising what the client wants to create. She has coached writers, business owners, teachers, doctors, artists and all number of clients who wish to improve their life.

5 Ways to Cultivate Self Compassion

5 Ways to Cultivate Self Compassion

Only when we are truly compassionate with ourselves can we be authentically compassionate to others. This is where the saying ‘healer heal thyself’ comes into play. Time and time again we see people who love to help others but are mean to themselves, putting themselves last. 

For that reason, if you are always looking out for others then see having compassion for yourself as necessary to do so. 

“Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.”

-Pema Chodron

Are you compassionate with yourself? Is your inner dialogue kindness towards you? How do you respond to yourself when you make mistakes or fall short of your hopes and expectations?

If you are harsh on yourself, you are certainly not alone. 

Sometimes when we feel intolerant of others we could benefit from feeling more compassion. It would be much more comfortable for us, regardless of the other person and how they are. Imagine someone or a situation you have felt annoyed about. Now imagine that you feel compassion about this. Whatever comes up is food for thought.

We might resist feeling compassion for certain things or people, especially if we feel strongly that they are ‘wrong’. Maybe by feeling compassion we would be somehow concurring with this or allowing it? 

So, in those cases, I invite you to think of compassionate action. Action towards positive change but while maintaining a stance of compassion. Even if only compassion for yourself if that is what is more appropriate. Become the watcher. Notice your experience. If you are feeling annoyed, say to yourself, ‘I notice I am feeling annoyed. I wonder how it would be to have compassion for someone at the same time as feeling annoyed. How might that be?’ Be curious. Experiment. 

1) List the things you like about you

Make a list of what you like about yourself, your achievements, things you have done that are kind, helpful, useful and so on. Spend some time reflecting on these. Even keep the list somewhere that you can read it every day for a month. Add to it as you think of more things. 

2) See yourself through the eyes of a loving friend 

Imagine your friend telling you about the things they don’t like about themselves – perhaps a mistake they’ve made or something they beat themselves up about. How would you respond? 

3) Reflect and learn 

Say out loud or in your head in response to self-criticising thoughts ‘I was doing the best I could in that moment.’ And if there is learning to be had from the experience ‘if this situation came around again, I’d like to…’ finish the sentence to read how you would like to do things differently. 

4) Visualise that you are breathing in compassion 

Imagine that more and more compassion fills your body as you breathe in. You can do this anywhere, even at work. You might like to imagine that compassion has a colour, and allow that beautiful colour to soften and flow around the body and mind.

5) Use EFT or tapping 

Tap on the word compassion. Notice how it affects your breathing, your posture, your thoughts. You can also tap on sending compassion to others. Send compassion to world leaders or to areas of conflict. Simply tap a round on compassion for… and the name of whom it is for. We can never know how or if proxy tapping works, but at the very least it helps us to feel calmer and as though we have done something positive.

Here is a video to support you in doing Energy EFT for compassion:

About the author: 

Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through ENERGY EFT and WELLNESS COACHINGGET IN TOUCH for more info.



Raising Your Mood with EFT

Raising Your Mood with EFT

Raising Your Mood with EFT

When our mood is low, from an energy point of view, there are energy blockages. We tap to improve energy flow and thus remove the blockage. It doesn’t matter which style of tapping or EFT you use – use what you are familiar with or tap along with me in the video below which is in the style of Silvia Hartmann’s Modern Energy Tapping.

Below is the Vibrational Scale that I designed for Angel EFT


How can you raise your mood with tapping?

  • Rate yourself now on the vibrational scale above (or the SUE scale in the video) so that you have a before and after. 
  • Start by de-stressing first, by tapping on a word such as ‘peace,’ ‘calm’ or ‘relax.’
  • Now think of a word that is positive and uplifting to you. It might be joy, happiness, bliss, confident, love, abundance, creative flow and so on. Any word that feels positive to you.
  • Tap a round on that and keep tapping. You can use the same word each time or a new one. Develop the word into a sentence if you wish. For example ‘I invite peace into my life.’ ‘I am open to creative ideas.’ ‘I support myself in clearing the energy of my home.’
  • After each round check in with the scale again and rate how you are doing.

The idea is to keep improving energy flow, which naturally correlates with our mood. The better the energy flow, the brighter your mood. Tapping gives us a fast and free way to improve energy flow. You can really have fun with this too. You can tap for any number of fun and uplifting things.

Tap on what’s annoying you

Contrary to what I was used to living by – that speaking about that which you don’t like attracts it – this works differently in tapping. If something is really annoying you and driving you to distraction, it’s possible that tapping on the word ‘peace’ will not hit the spot. Instead, choose a word or phrase that represents what’s bugging you. If you’re annoyed with someone, tap saying their name. Strange though it may seem, this helps to release the energy block that this topic finds you in. NOW –> when you’re feeling a little less pent up about that issue, move over to the positive’s. Pick the opposite of that feeling or something entirely different. You’ll know if you’re ready to move on to the positives because if you’re not you’ll still find that positive set-up annoying and unlikely. If so, try spending longer on the thing that’s bugging you. Change the words. 

Tap on your goals

I find it very uplifting to tap on my goals. Get into a dialogue about having already achieved your goal. This is like having a conversation with yourself – your future self who is so happy to have achieved the goal is telling your current self how wonderful it feels. I sometimes call this manifestation tapping. Once, I was trying to manifest a wonderful holiday. I used to tap saying out loud what it was like in the lovely place I was staying. How I was watching the sunrise, sitting beside the pool having a cup of coffee feeling so amazing. Just doing this while tapping around the points brought such a smile to my face. And I’m happy to say the holiday manifested – and I did sit beside the pool with my coffee enjoying the sunrise. 

Other tips:

  • Move whilst tapping. Don’t be afraid to tap while you dance along to an uplifting song.
  • If you comfort eat when your mood is subdued, tap before you start eating. This may help you to eat more mindfully, and if you eat too much, it may help you to opt for a healthier portion size.
  • Do something kind for someone else (or for yourself!!). Think random acts of kindness. Doing something kind for someone else helps take the focus out, which can be helpful when in a low mood state, which can tend to be inward-looking.
  • Plant flowers/bulbs. Get your hands dirty. Feel the earth in your hands. This is very grounding, and satisfying too. At time of writing in Ireland, it is Autumn, perfect for planting daffodil/snowdrop/crocus/tulip bulbs etc., which will brighten up another day early next year. Win-win!
  • Smell something nice: incense, essential oils or whatever you can and that you like. Stimulating your sense of smell with a lovely aroma can give you a lift. For low mood, try the citrus oils, especially orange. I have an aromatherapy oil diffuser and it gives me a real lift and feels like an act of self-care to put it going. 

Top Tip:

  • Tap a gratitude tapping round on all the things you can think of that you feel grateful for. They don’t have to be big things, even that you have shoes on your feet is fine.

Need Extra Support? Book a session with me.

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About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals. She provides  Energy EFT sessions and WELLNESS COACHING. Susan is a qualified counsellor and mental health nurse. Get in touch for more info.

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