Beat Procrastination with Inspiration

Do you have a goal you’ve wanted to achieve for years but you keep putting it off? Or something you want to manifest or create in your life that isn’t showing up yet? This blog challenges you to revisit this and overcome procrastination, replacing it with inspiration.. and ultimately, action! 

Step 1) Take Responsibility

Acknowledge that you are in control of your destiny. It’s up to you. Some people get stuck on this because they point the finger outside of themselves which leaves them feeling powerless. Examples might be blaming one’s lack of action on other people or outside circumstances rather than seeking out a solution. When we blame things/people around us we are in victim mode, which isn’t empowering. To launch yourself out of victim mode ask yourself what one thing you could do to help yourself to move forward. You can always do something. 

Step 2) Get Excited

See yourself having it/having achieved your goal. Get excited in the visualisation of your future self. Make pictures in your mind, feel the joy in your body as you imagine it. I like using tapping to tell the story of having achieved the thing and really celebrating it while tapping around the points. 

Step 3) Be Clear about Why

There has to be a reason for you to take this action, which isn’t easy otherwise you would have done it ages ago, probably. What is your why? Why do you want this? Write a list of all the reasons you would love to manifest/achieve this. This will help you on days that it’s hard to take the actions. 

Step 4) Know your Enemy… and Make Friends With It

By your enemy, I mean the block that’s been getting in the way. It is possibly a limiting belief. Or simply an excuse (which is usually tied up with a limiting belief). Some typical excuses are:

‘I can’t be more positive because I am surrounded by negativity.’

‘I can’t earn more because of the economy.’

‘I can’t work on my relationships the way I want to because I have no time.’

‘I could never be successful because none of my family was.’

‘I can’t do this because I don’t have the motivation.’

‘I can’t exercise because the weather is too bad.’

You get the idea!! 🙂

Step 5) Repeat Step 2!!


  • Rate yourself now on the vibrational scale (above) making the statement ‘I am totally aligned with my goal and am moving powerfully towards it,’ and then measure how true this is. 10 is completely and utterly true. Five is neither true nor false, and below five is untrue with 0 being the farthest away from the truth possible.
  • If you are 10 then you are okay, no need to continue. Any less, then proceed to this part: Write down any thoughts or beliefs that you have about not being able to achieve your goals. List them separately from one another as headings. Now look carefully at each one and see how true or helpful it is, and if you’d like to change it.
  • Follow the video below tapping modern energy EFT to help raise your number (or you can use the Energy EFT SUE scale in the video, they work equally well). Towards the end of the video, you can pause it and keep tapping using words directly relevant to you and your goals or issues. Finish with a positive round. Stuck for ideas? Browse my YouTube channel.

The aim is to get your number to 10 to overcome any patterns like this. Tapping helps us to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs, that get in the way of us fully flourishing.

About the author:

Known as YouTube’s Angel EFT lady, Susan is a life coachtapping practitionerangel workshop facilitator and writer. International bestselling spiritual author, Diana Cooper, commended her self-help book, Angel EFT. Susan specialises in helping people to get clear about their life purpose and release blocks to joy and success. Focusing on letting go of limiting beliefs that have been putting happiness on hold, and then powerfully visualising what the client wants to create. She has coached writers, business owners, teachers, doctors, artists and all number of clients who wish to improve their life.


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