Biodiversity & Wellbeing Workshops

Biodiversity & Wellbeing Workshops

Create Habitats for Biodiversity and enjoy the Restorative Qualities of Connecting with Nature

  • Tree Planting – plant a woodland hedge, a pocket forest, a woodland classroom or small woodland.
  • Micro pond or small pond creation
  • Hedgehog Home 
  • Micro Pond and Creative Writing – enjoy creating a ‘micro pond’ out of a washing up bowl to create habitats for nature in your space, and then some nature-inspired creative writing. 
  • Nature Journaling
  • Planting a small fruit orchard
  • Planting for Pollinators
  • Uploading your actions to the All Ireland Pollinator Database 
  • Mindfulness in Nature
  • Learning how to mulch trees with natural materials so that they can grow well

Workshops in Schools & Colleges

Corporate – Staff Wellbeing Workshops

Talks about Easy and Enjoyable Biodiversity Projects

Private Workshops for Your Green Space


Get in touch to discuss your learning needs to arrange a workshop that’s just right for your class/group. 


About Susan

Susan Browne is a Life Coach, Counsellor and Registered Mental Health Nurse who applies her extensive experience of wellbeing and positive actions for mental health to nature projects. A volunteer for Ballyduff Tidy Towns (2023 Winners of the Supervalu Tidy Towns Climate Action Award) Susan is a graduate of Transition Kerry‘s Biodiversity & Climate Change Community Leadership Programme, and delivers Climate Literacy programmes in secondary schools with Education for Sustainability.

Susan has been interviewed on Radio Kerry, presented Biodiverstiy and Wellbeing workshops with Transition Kerry, LAWPRO and spoken on panels for Biodiversity at ‘From the Ground Up’ and the Wild Mind Festivals. She has written articles that have appeared in The Irish Independent on making micro ponds and the care of hedgerows for biodiversity


What People are Saying

“I am delighted that Susan is offering these biodiversity and sustainability workshops in Kerry. Susan is passionate about engaging people with nature and is great at sharing her knowledge and experience, while also being very open to learning about different and new ways of doing things. It is always a pleasure to work with her on community nature and sustainability projects. Susan is always looking for positive and hopeful ways to approach subjects that can be challenging and overwhelming. Her dynamic, creative, co-operative and optimistic nature can really help guide and support people to try out simple actions and projects for nature in their own gardens and communities. I highly recommend her!” – Niamh Ní Dhúill, Natural Wild Gardens. 

“Our Transition Year students thoroughly enjoyed Susan’s classes, and we’re planning to work with her in the coming weeks on our Biodiversity projects. Susan demonstrated how to make a small pond for wildlife in the school, a simple and effective way of creating habitats for nature, adding to our biodiversity space. The students learned about healthy soil and the value of taking small actions in your green spaces that go a long way for wildlife. Susan’s approach is both informative and uplifting. The students were inspired to take positive actions, in keeping with our school ethos of working with nature and promoting wellbeing. I would recommend Susan’s workshops for schools, her approach is refreshing and dynamic, showing that learning about climate and environment is enjoyable and engaging. Susan’s input is one which fosters positive mental health and develops within each student a deeper connection with nature. Overall, students in our school really appreciated the opportunity to work with Susan.” – Katherina Broderick Principal, Presentation Secondary School, Listowel.

“Education for Sustainability had the pleasure of working with Susan when she facilitated our 8 week climate literacy course to four schools in Kerry in 2023. Susan is a true professional and an excellent facilitator who is passionate about the environment and motivating people to take action for positive change. She has a wealth of knowledge and a talent for meeting people where they are at in regards to their own environmental journey.” Susan Adams, Education for Sustainability, Dublin. 

Sustainable Development Goals

Some of the SDG categories addressed include:

3 Good Health and Wellbeing

The Biodiversity and Wellbeing workshops include outdoor activities and facilitate a deeper connection with nature. Participants not only experience benefits to their physical and mental health but also gain an understanding of the crucial link between human well-being and the natural world.

4 Quality Education

Participants have the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the realms of biodiversity and climate action, acquiring practical knowledge and skills. These workshops empower learners to take on active roles in environmental stewardship and sustainability, thus serving as an integral component of achieving universally accessible quality education.

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

By nurturing a profound connection with nature and offering practical guidance to enrich local biodiversity, your workshops contribute significantly to the creation of healthier and more sustainable communities. Participants gain insights into crafting greener environments – even where green spaces are limited – that are more resilient and better suited to support a diverse range of species.

13 Climate Action

Through education and hands-on experiences, participants gain invaluable insights into the ramifications of climate change on biodiversity and the environment. They are also equipped with practical strategies to reduce their carbon footprint, safeguard ecosystems, and play a vital role in the global fight against climate change. At the heart of the workshops is promoting inspired actions to help the planet.

15 Life On the Land

The workshops actively support this goal by instructing participants on the creation and preservation of wildlife habitats, biodiversity protection, growing food and the cultivation of healthy soil. These practices are fundamental to the preservation of the delicate equilibrium of life on land, ensuring the well-being of both ecosystems and human communities.





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