Overcoming Depression and Low Mood

Do you suffer from low mood? Would you like to enjoy life now and start moving towards a brighter future, freeing yourself from limiting thoughts and beliefs?

I help people that suffer from low mood and depression to start to question negative thoughts and beliefs, and create new ones that promote a brighter mindset. Quite often it’s the stories people keep telling themselves that have been holding them back. Thinking they are a bad person because of something they did or didn’t do. Believing they are ‘broken’ because of what someone did to them in the past. Feeling like a victim in life. 

Wellness coaching can help you to move through this and start focusing on what you want so that you can move in that direction.

You are Not Your Thoughts

Sometimes it can feel as though your thoughts are running your life and it would be impossible to change them. Together we find out what the thoughts have been saying all this time to make you feel so bad, and invite new ones. 

What about the Biology of Depression?

It’s true that depression and low mood can be hereditary. And that sometimes a chemical imbalance is happening. You might be on medication for this reason. Still though, the thoughts can be challenged and we look at ways to get a more positive outlook, taking a holistic approach.

What is Wellness Coaching and how is it different from Counselling?

The goal of counselling is to help the client to process and heal the past in order to feel better in the present. In wellness coaching, we focus more on the present and building skills and creating goals to work with what is now and the future. That is not to say that we ignore the past or that it is a no-go area. Rather that we look at it with the aim of coming back into the present and what you want in your life now.

My Experience

Having worked as both a mental health nurse, counsellor, and EFT practitioner and trainer, I have helped many people who suffered from depression and low mood and am familiar with many different approaches.

I have witnessed that through coaching, clients can overcome low mood and start to get excited about life again as they finally release themselves from the past and their old ‘story’ that has been defining them and holding them back.

Get a Free Consultation

Call Susan on 086-3381850 today to avail of a free ten-minute consultation where you can ask questions and see if you think this is for you.

Practise Location

Ballyduff, Co. Kerry or online via Zoom. Because of the global pandemic it is best to presume that we may at some times need to work on Zoom together. Zoom is free to download onto your computer, phone or tablet. You will need stable Wi-Fi. Phone sessions are also available. 

Session Details

Length: 60 or 90 minutes

Client age group: 16+.

Fee, payable at the end of each session or in advance if online or by phone: €80 for one hour or €120 for 90 minutes. There is a discount available if you prepay for a number of sessions via PayPal, see options below. Other payment methods also possible, please contact. 

Session Frequency and Amount

I recommend for best results attending six weekly sessions starting out with 90 minutes for the first session and one hour sessions thereafter. We review at session five. For some people, six sessions is enough, others may want to attend more but space out the frequency.


PrePay for a Session Now

Session Options

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