EFT for a Peaceful Christmas

EFT for a Peaceful Christmas


Christmas can bring up all sorts of things for people, and some enjoy it more than others. How is it for you? What are the challenges? Use the SUE scale to see where you are just now and reflect on any aspects of this.

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The video created for this blog is kept very general, but I acknowledge that some people find Christmas very painful because of bereavement or any number of other reasons. In this case working with an EFT practitioner might be a good choice. But even those that love Christmas may find various challenges that come up. Some of the things that people can find a strain include:

  • Family gatherings
  • Having visitors
  • Arrangements for Christmas day and difference of opinions
  • Financial strain
  • Overindulgence (food and alcohol, and the way that makes people feel)
  • Feeling cooped up
  • Kids off school – more people in the house than usual for long periods of time
  • Memories from Christmas’ past
  • Greif
  • Loneliness
  • Media pressure to feel a certain way
  • Disappointment
  • Not getting enough time off work, or having to work days that you’d rather be off
  • Arguments with partner
  • Feeling unfit because of not exercising or eating too much at this time of year

So EFT can help with all of these things. As the saying goes: try it on anything. Using positive EFT we can tap for a quality we would like more of. So tapping on the word calm, abundance, peace, balance, grounded, healthy etc can give you a quick lift over the holiday season. What would you like to be feeling around Christmas? Your answer is a great word(s) to start tapping on.

For the tapping points, a demo video on how to do EFT or more info on EFT generally click here. Also you can join me for a round aimed at EFT for a peaceful Christmas in the video below.

Also remembering that our triggers are really blessings in disguise as they show us aspects of ourselves we still need to work on. This is part of the human condition and doesn’t make us unspiritual, unevolved or weak. Taking a curious approach to what presses our buttons helps us to overcome whatever it is and really enjoy life.

If you can make a point of exercising over the Christmas period if you don’t already, this can be a huge benefit. Even getting out for a quick walk can clear the mind and energy and make you feel better.

Wishing you and yours a very peaceful Christmas and New Year,


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