EFT Sessions

EFT sessions

Modern Energy Tapping (formerly known as EFT) helps you to improve energy flow and release blocks in your life to succeed and feel good. I see clients both online and in person in North Kerry.

I have helped people to:

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • harness motivation
  • achieve personal and professional goals
  • move past procrastination and self-sabotage
  • lose weight
  • tap into creativity
  • improve financial abundance
  • attract new business opportunities and success in business
  • clear clutter
  • overcome fears and phobias such as flying
  • meet professional targets
  • clear negativity
  • improve relationships
  • reduce stress
  • manage anger
  • replace limiting beliefs with positive, supportive ones
  • attract a loving partner
  • manage work/home balance
  • be a happier, calmer parent
  • enjoy pregnancy more and feel confident about birth
  • heal from traumatic experiences
  • and much more……

Ready to book your session?

I recommend the 90-minute session option for the first time, this costs €120. 

For subsequent sessions, you can choose 90 or 60-minute sessions. 

“Absolutely wholeheartedly recommend Susan for EFT – I’ve spent years terrified of flying and putting off putting myself in positions where I’d be confronted by that fear. I recently had a session of EFT with Susan before a flight and was AMAZED by the difference it made to my approach to the flight as well as the flight itself. I utilised techniques taught to me by Susan on the way to the airport and felt calm and even excited during take off – absolutely unheard of previously! I’m so grateful and couldn’t recommend her services enough to anyone in a similar position. Thank you Susan!” – Susie Harper

“Susan Browne is a dedicated, giving and powerful person and a highly effective and experienced EFT teacher. I thoroughly recommend her work.” – Diana Cooper – Bestselling International Spiritual Author.

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