EFT Sessions

EFT sessions

Modern Energy Tapping (formerly known as EFT) helps you to improve energy flow and release blocks in your life to succeed and feel good. I see clients both online and in person in North Kerry.


I have helped people to:

Improve confidence and self-esteem; get motivated; achieve personal and professional goals; move past procrastination and self-sabotage;

lose weight; overcome low mood; tap into creativity; improve financial abundance; attract new business opportunities and success in business

clear clutter; overcome fears and phobias such as flying; meet professional targets; clear negativity; improve relationships

reduce stress; manage anger; replace limiting beliefs with positive, supportive ones; attract a loving partner; manage work/home balance

reduce anxiety; feel great about life; be a happier, calmer parent; enjoy pregnancy more and feel confident about birth

heal from traumatic experiences; sleep better; and much more……

Ready to book your session?

I recommend the 90-minute session option for the first time, this costs €120. 

For subsequent sessions, you can choose 90 or 60-minute sessions. 

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