EFT Weight loss

Love Yourself Slim with EFT

EFT for weight loss, EFT deals with the emotional blocks around being overweight and yo-yo dieting.


Do you know exactly how to lose weight but can’t seem to lose it? Or lose it then put it all back on again, in a seemingly never-ending cycle of yo-yoing?

Want to sort out what has been stopping you and keep it that way?

This programme helps you in dealing with the emotional blocks to weight gain, using EFT to heal your energy so that you can achieve your weight loss goals. Includes:

  • Over 3 hours of 40 plus tapping audios covering a whole range of weight and food issues

  • Course Manual

  • Focusing visualisation

  • EFT weight loss demonstrational videos

In the tapping rounds we use EFT to tackle: food cravings; the fear of getting so far and failing; dealing with people’s negative comments; feeling left out when other people are having the ‘treats’; mindful eating and awareness; anger and over-eating; managing special occasions; worthiness and having the time to do this; putting it off until tomorrow all the time; feeling stuck at a certain weight; family loyalty to the problem; missing someone and overeating; issues of deserving; feeling exhausted and food cravings; worries about getting unwanted attention (body image); how to feel better fast without food; impatience; other people not wanting you to succeed or change; saying no and healthy boundaries; eating out of shame; feeling you have ruined it for the day so you might as well keep going that way; no food no fun thoughts; confidence in breaking unhealthy patterns; negative associations with being slim because the last time you were something unpleasant was going on; issues of safety (safe to change); worries that partner might not like you to lose weight; getting back on the wagon after slips; planning ahead to support healthy changes; injury as a block to losing weight; mindset for enjoying healthy foods; money issues around exercise; having a clear vision of what you want; loneliness; fear that you will lose the weight and still not feel happy; visiting someone who always has nice but unhealthy treats; fear that losing weight will change your personality; letting go of stress; feeling depressed about your body; motivation to exercise; willpower; starting the day on the right foot and a focusing visualisation called ‘happy, healthy, slim me.’

Ready to get tapping and feel great? You can get all this today for a one-off payment of just €22.22

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***Whilst EFT has produced phenomenal results and has much supportive evidence, it is still considered investigational, and therefore anybody using this program must take full responsibility for their use of it. If you are underweight, or you suspect or have been told you have Anorexia Nervosa, this programme is not deemed suitable for your use, and it would be recommended for you to seek qualified medical advice as regards your weight concerns. For other eating disorders which incorporate binge eating, this programme may be of use but under careful supervision of a qualified health practitioner, with experience working with eating disorders and energy therapies.***


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