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Energy Body Stress: Everyone has an energy body whether or not they ever realise it. Energy body stress is the blockage in free flow of Energy. EFT and Energy EFT work to let the energy flow freely again, and the happy side effects of this is that we feel better.

I have seen clients transform right before my eyes, in minutes, after tapping. Strong emotions, upsetting thoughts are suddenly replaced with smiles of relief and sometimes tears of joy.

Energy must flow in, through and out of our energy body. The diagram below is from Silvia Hartman’s Energy EFT. It shows roughly how this occurs, when energy is flowing freely and how it should.



When we are experiencing stress, energy blockages occur. Our thinking changes. Things seem worse. Solutions seem far away or impossible. Things feel like they were always bad and will always be bad. If you find yourself thinking this, know that these are stress thoughts.

If you find yourself in the minuses of the SUE scale, think straight away of raising energy. Put aside ‘the big problem’ for a moment, because you can’t view it objectively until you have replaced the stress with calm.

6 signs that you are experiencing energy body stress:

  • Your thoughts are negative and bleak. It feels as though it’s always been this bad (awful etc) and always will be.
  • Your body is affected (e.g. headache, increase of pain or discomfort, digestive upset, IBS, tension in muscles, change in sex drive).
  • You are breathing fast and shallow, high up in your chest.
  • You are restless and can’t relax.
  • You feel under pressure.
  • Your sleep is broken or you can’t get off to sleep.

When you feel stressed check in to where you feel this in your body right now. Taking your attention to the body brings us out of unhelpful stress thoughts. Be mindful of where that feeling is in your body. Is it is a heavy dark metallic feeling in your chest? A pulsing red feeling in your head? Tapping with the set up of what that feeling is like in the body now is a gateway to treating energy body stress. You can follow up with tapping on how you would like the energy body to feel right now.

I find tapping on the word calm, peace or any other calming energy that I think would serve the energy body well helps, like in this video:


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through Energy EFT. She is a Guild of Energists Energy EFT Trainer, teaching in Co. Kerry & Galway, Ireland and she internationally provides 1:1 CounsellingEnergy EFT sessions, and Success Mentoring via Skype. Susan is an accredited counsellor with the APCP. Get in touch for more info.

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