Energy Vampires

energy vampires


What are energy vampires? Well, my understanding of the term means someone who drains your energy. It might not be just you, they might be a ‘serial drainer.’ Pay attention, however, if this is happening to you, there is a learning for you.

I don’t particularly like the term energy vampire anymore, however, I heard it the other day and thought it fun to explore. It’s a label after all. It conjures up negative judgement about the person. Energy vampires are symptomatic of simply not feeling able to access energy by yourself. Perhaps we have all acted in that way at times, to some degree.

So what do we do when we are confronted by somebody playing the role of energy vampire? First, look at yourself, and your energy. If it feels as though your energy has been sapped, zapped or stolen, why is this? Have you got a leak somewhere? A leak is my own term which implies not taking good care of your energy body. Boundaries, as mentioned below, often comes into it.

Well, my learning traditionally was to surround myself in a protective blue bubble of light, perhaps ask Archangel Michael to help shield me from this person. I still like to do this, but I also learned new ways. I don’t need to protect my energy since there is a never-ending supply to which I am always connected. Remember this always:

There is a never-ending supply, plenty to go around for everyone.

Boundaries: Perhaps you are left feeling drained after you meet this someone because you don’t have good boundaries with them. The feeling of being drained is caused by this conflict within you. You know you have let yourself down when you were talking to this person somehow. You have allowed them to put on you, in some way. The learning here is to have better boundaries.

  • Don’t agree to do favours or jobs that don’t feel right to you. Instead, politely and firmly refuse. You don’t have to explain why.
  • Don’t allow friends/family/neighbours to extensively offload their problems and woes every time you speak, this is unbalanced. You are not their rescuer. If they need to work with a professional, suggest this to them.
  • If someone is taking up too much of your time and it’s hard to get away, politely excuse yourself.
  • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable in your gut when you talk to them, politely move away from the conversation and if possible the area.
  • Check for energy leaks, as in, what is the learning here for me in taking care of my energy body? Am I being too open with this person when that doesn’t feel right?

Replenish yourself if you are feeling drained and associate it with another person. Do Energy EFT to feel better fast. Set-ups could include: ‘more energy,’ ‘replenish,’ ‘good boundaries,’ or whatever it is you feel you need. Check yourself on the SUE scale and if you are in the minuses you can do a de-stressing round first, such as tapping on the word ‘peace,’ or ‘relax.’


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About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through Energy EFT and she provides 1:1 Counselling, and internationally  Energy EFT sessions, and Life Coaching via Skype. Susan is an accredited counsellor with the APCP. Get in touch for more info.



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