“Get out of your own way… stop the paralysis by analysis… dream your dream… then WAKE UP and bring it to life.”
– Dr Steve Maraboli
Who is standing in the way of your goals and dreams? Is it you? As soon as we accept responsibility for this we are empowered to do something about it. If we continue to blame circumstances, then we remain powerless.
Typical excuses that make people feel powerless and like a victim are:
‘I can’t lose weight because of my metabolism.’
‘I can’t earn more because of the economy.’
‘I can’t work on my relationships the way I want to because I have no time.’
‘I could never be successful because none of my family were.’
‘I can’t do this because I don’t have the motivation.’
‘I can’t be more positive because I am surrounded by negativity.’
And so on. Sound familiar?
Nick Vujicic was born with phocomeliaan extremely rare congenital disorder involving malformation of the limbs – and has dedicated his life to motivating others. As an adolescent and at school Nick endured bullying and struggled with depression and isolation.
As he grew up he learned to adjust to his disability and accomplished things on his own. He began speaking publicly about his struggles and how he overcame them and is now a New York Times bestseller. Nick has travelled to over 57 countries and shared his story with over 400 million people. He says, ‘no arms or legs, no problem!’
  • Rate yourself now on the SUE scale (above) making the statement ‘I am not getting in my own way, I fully support my goals and dreams,’ measure how true this is. +10 is completely and utterly true. Zero is neither true nor false, and in the minuses is untrue with -10 being the farthest away from the truth possible.
  • If you are +10 then you are okay, no need to continue. Any less then proceed to this part: Write down any thoughts or beliefs that you have about not being able to achieve your goals. List them separately from one another as headings. Now look carefully at each one and see how true or helpful it is, and if you’d like to change it.
  • Follow the video below tapping modern energy EFT to help raise your number. Towards the end of the video you can pause it and keep tapping using words directly relevant to you and your goals or issues. Finish with a positive round. Stuck for ideas? Browse my YouTube channel.
The aim is to get your number to +10 to overcome any patterns like this. EFT helps us to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs, that get in the way of us not being in our way.
About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through Energy EFT. She is a Guild of Energists Energy EFT Trainer, teaching in Co. Kerry & Galway, Ireland and she provides internationally  Energy EFT Sessions, Angel EFT and Success Mentoring via Skype. Susan is the author of ‘Angel EFT, Tap Into the Angelic Realm with Modern Energy EFT’ DragonRising Publishing, 2016 and is also an Accredited Counsellor with the APCP. Get in touch for more info. Follow Susan at Light Life Learning on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Join Susan’s Facebook prosperity energy group for inspiration and like minded community. 
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