Get Super Focused with EFT



What does it take to get super focused when you are feeling woolly, distracted and are finding it hard to move forward and get things done? Well for me, that would be EFT, a fast emerging technique sometimes referred to as ‘psychological acupressure’ that releases blockages within the energy system that have been causing emotional discomfort. Think of the emotions or feelings associated with the inability to focus. You might have your own ones; I came up with:

  • Frustration
  • Overwhelm
  • Guilt
  • Anxiety

And now think of the emotions or feelings you associate with feeling super focused. Again, here are mine:

  • Confidence
  • Competence
  • Purpose
  • Satisfaction

You may feel a sense of calm when you are focused, but also inspired and ready to take action. So now that you have your two lists, how do you get from A to B? In EFT I would take either one of two approaches, you could either tap for the unpleasant feelings in order to acknowledge and release them, and sometimes uncover useful information that you didn’t realise that has been blocking you from getting focused. An example might be: if I got focused and achieved this thing I might then be forced to look at something else I have been avoiding in my life. The subconscious mind is no short of genius and does its best to keep us safe in the way it thinks is effective. So sometimes we might have an unconscious block to being focused because there is something else behind the ‘fog’ that we are avoiding. This work can be achieved on your own if you are comfortable and confident using EFT but sometimes work in pairs is best, with an experienced EFT practitioner.

The other way is to use the positive EFT approach where you simply tap on a word, say the word ‘focus.’ Positive EFT is a fantastic simple way to invite qualities into your being which can change our emotions quickly. You could also tap on the words: confidence, competence, purpose, satisfaction or any other positive verb you can think of.

As always, EFT is a fantastic tool that people can learn off the internet in minutes, has minimal reports of negative effects and masses of positive reports for a huge range of life issues, but it should be used with discretion and personal responsibility. Best of all with an EFT practitioner first of all or in a training setting.

Below I have posted a demonstrational video for getting focused using modern Energy EFT. If you are going to participate why not rate how you feel before and after to measure the effect? You can do this with Silvia Hartmann’s SUE scale, which goes from minus 10 (as unfocused as you could possibly feel) all the way through to plus 10 where you are over the moon/ focused as you could ever be, and zero being neither focused or unfocused.

SUE image

I see people in North Co. Kerry, Ireland for counselling and EFT and internationally via Skype for EFT. I also have online EFT programmes. Want to know more, get in touch.

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