Help for Anxiety in North Kerry

Wellness Coaching Anxiety

What is wellness coaching for anxiety and how is it different from counselling?

In counselling the partnership aims to process and heal the past in order to feel improve the present.

In wellness coaching, we focus primarily on the present and building skills and creating goals to work with what is now and the future. The past can be useful to help us understand, so we may still refer to the past. But then coming back into the present and looking at how to cope and focus on what you want in your life now.

Having worked as both a mental health nurse and a counsellor, I have helped many people who suffered from anxiety and unwanted thoughts and I have witnessed and used many different approaches.

I see now that through coaching, clients can overcome anxiety and unwanted thoughts and feel good about life again as they finally release themselves from the past and their old ‘story’ that has been defining them.

Is this for you?

Do you feel like you are being trapped by your upsetting thoughts? Always worrying? Would you like to enjoy life now and start building towards a brighter future, freeing yourself from limiting beliefs?

Wellness coaching can help you to move past this and start focusing on what you want so that you can head in that direction.

Get in Touch

Call Susan on 086-3381850 today to avail of a free ten-minute consultation where you can ask any questions you may have with no obligation to book.

Session Details:

Practise Location: Ballyduff, Co. Kerry or online via Zoom.

Duration of Session: 60 or 90 minutes

Client age group: 16+.

Fee, payable at the end of each session or in advance if online: €80 for one hour or €120 for 90 minutes.

I recommend for best results attending six weekly sessions starting out with 90 minutes for the first session and one hour sessions thereafter. We review at session five. For some people, six sessions is enough, others may want to attend more but space out the frequency.

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