Making a Decision



There are so many things we need to decide, and becoming a good decision maker saves a lot of energy, and is linked to having good self-esteem and confidence. Frequently when we find it hard to decide we are questioning our own wisdom. In the chakra system, the solar plexus chakra is linked to this issue and when we feel strong in our solar plexus we are able to make decisions easily as we stand in our power.

How many times in a day do we need to make decisions? What will I wear? Shall I allow my child to play that game? Do I want to go ahead with this or not?

Being a good decision maker is sometimes modelled in the home when we are growing up, but we can also learn to do this by ourselves. By setting the intention to become a good decision-maker, we can practise this today. Catch yourself, without judgement, when you are finding it hard to decide on something. Breathe in deeply and tune into what your body tells you feels like the right choice. You will get more confident at it the more you practise it. Learn to trust your intuition.

‘You can virtually eliminate conflict and confusion in your life by becoming proficient at making decisions. Decision-making brings order to your mind, and of course, this order is then reflected in your results.’ Bob Proctor.

EFT can also help us to make decisions. When tapping on the two things you are deciding between in such a way ‘I want to do this AND I feel worried about it’ instead of using the word ‘but,’ you open up possibilities instead of compounding the conflict. So, you feel worried and you want to do something? Then break it down into all of its subsections, what could go wrong? What could go right?

I have made a video here which looks very generally about making decisions. Often the calm that EFT brings also helps us to think straight. Sometimes indecisiveness can be fuelled by stress or overwhelm.

Affirmation: “It is easy for me to make wise decisions.”

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