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Manifesting is something we do all the time if you follow the law of attraction theory, that our thoughts attract our experiences. Do you remember a time when you thought you would do well at something and you did? Or you thought something would go very well and it did? Alternatively, that you expected to do badly and that is what happened? Well there is a theory out there that what we think is very powerful, and whilst it isn’t the only force at play, we should choose our thoughts wisely.

In EFT we talk about the thoughts coinciding with how the energy body is doing. For example, if you were -5 on the SUE scale it is likely that you are experiencing stress thoughts, can’t think clearly and are experiencing fear. Likewise, a +5 shows up as feeling positive emotions, confidence and happiness. Fortunately, with modern energy EFT it is now possible to change our thoughts remarkably quickly if we so wish.

So, in terms of attracting things, what do you want to attract? Some of the things people work on ‘manifesting’ might be (and there are of course millions of things):

  • An enjoyable meet up with a friend
  • A nice outfit for your upcoming special occasion at the right price and that you feel really good in
  • A loving relationship (or more loving one if you are in one already)
  • Having more money
  • A nice holiday
  • A new car
  • A job that you love
  • Vibrant health
  • Weight loss
  • A tidy home
  • Publishing a book

And so on. You can be as exotic or as simple as you like in manifesting things. Even just focusing on something you would like more of is a positive step in itself. If you are experiencing some kind of problem or stress, rather than thinking about how you would like this removed, what might you like to experience instead of it? For example, a peaceful relationship with my boss, or money comfort as opposed to ‘my boss stopping being difficult’ or ‘no money worries’. See the difference?

When using EFT to manifest things, I advise getting as high up as you can on the SUE scale when you think about that thing. According to the law of attraction, that makes it almost certain to come about!! There are of course other factors at play, namely the highest good. If something is not for our highest good then it would be very convenient if we did not manifest it, right? And being at +10 on the SUE scale is a great place to be and I like to think in alignment with our highest good. Have a look at this video to see how you might use modern Energy EFT to manifest what you want.


The other thing to remember about manifesting is that when you regularly think about this thing you want, as though you are celebrating that you already have it, this helps to attract it. Vision boards are a very powerful tool in manifesting as well as affirmations.

Happy manifesting!


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