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The Prosperity Energy Club was set up after the massive success of the 30 Day Prosperity Energy Challenge whereby people around the world tapped along daily to a prosperity energy video of mine. The Prosperity Energy Club members received a new Prosperity Energy EFT video each week. Now you have a chance to access those videos too!!

Q: How does this increase my prosperity energy?
You are invited to tap along to one (or more) of the prosperity energy videos daily. For your own benefit (and so you can share in the Facebook Prosperity Energy group if you wish) I invite you to also record your SUE scale rating as regards prosperity in your life and energy experience. Many people have noticed that when they tap along every day to increase their prosperity energy that amazing things happen in their life. Old limiting beliefs are shed and we begin to attract that which we really desire.




Many people who work on their prosperity and abundance mindset discover that they have been carrying very limiting beliefs around money, having money, getting money, holding onto money, people who are wealthy, family patterns and so on. The videos all have a very positive focus, aimed at releasing old beliefs and increasing your prosperity energy.
Q: How much does it cost to access the exclusive club video vault?
The videos are now FREE!!!
Q: How many videos do I get?
24 videos
Q: How do I get the most of being in the club?
I provide the videos but it’s up to you to tap every day.  The more you put in, the more you get out. Get up a little earlier if you have to. Get into a routine.
What People are Saying about the Prosperity Energy Club:
“I have had a bit of an amazing break-through. I have been offered a lovely house at a very reasonable rent in Lewes, Sussex, close to my family, where I hadn’t even considered I could live.”
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“The gratitude list is great, I am surprised how many things are on it each day. Thank you so much.”
“I love doing the videos.. The words you choose are very simple and yet powerful. I can feel that I have little part limiting beliefs in me.. and working on it.”






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