Raising Your Mood with EFT

When our mood is low, from an energy point of view, there are energy blockages. We tap to improve energy flow and thus remove the blockage. It doesn’t matter which style of tapping or EFT you use – use what you are familiar with or tap along with me in the video below which is in the style of Silvia Hartmann’s Modern Energy Tapping.

Below is the Vibrational Scale that I designed for Angel EFT


How can you raise your mood with tapping?

  • Rate yourself now on the vibrational scale above (or the SUE scale in the video) so that you have a before and after. 
  • Start by de-stressing first, by tapping on a word such as ‘peace,’ ‘calm’ or ‘relax.’
  • Now think of a word that is positive and uplifting to you. It might be joy, happiness, bliss, confident, love, abundance, creative flow and so on. Any word that feels positive to you.
  • Tap a round on that and keep tapping. You can use the same word each time or a new one. Develop the word into a sentence if you wish. For example ‘I invite peace into my life.’ ‘I am open to creative ideas.’ ‘I support myself in clearing the energy of my home.’
  • After each round check in with the scale again and rate how you are doing.

The idea is to keep improving energy flow, which naturally correlates with our mood. The better the energy flow, the brighter your mood. Tapping gives us a fast and free way to improve energy flow. You can really have fun with this too. You can tap for any number of fun and uplifting things.

Tap on what’s annoying you

Contrary to what I was used to living by – that speaking about that which you don’t like attracts it – this works differently in tapping. If something is really annoying you and driving you to distraction, it’s possible that tapping on the word ‘peace’ will not hit the spot. Instead, choose a word or phrase that represents what’s bugging you. If you’re annoyed with someone, tap saying their name. Strange though it may seem, this helps to release the energy block that this topic finds you in. NOW –> when you’re feeling a little less pent up about that issue, move over to the positive’s. Pick the opposite of that feeling or something entirely different. You’ll know if you’re ready to move on to the positives because if you’re not you’ll still find that positive set-up annoying and unlikely. If so, try spending longer on the thing that’s bugging you. Change the words. 

Tap on your goals

I find it very uplifting to tap on my goals. Get into a dialogue about having already achieved your goal. This is like having a conversation with yourself – your future self who is so happy to have achieved the goal is telling your current self how wonderful it feels. I sometimes call this manifestation tapping. Once, I was trying to manifest a wonderful holiday. I used to tap saying out loud what it was like in the lovely place I was staying. How I was watching the sunrise, sitting beside the pool having a cup of coffee feeling so amazing. Just doing this while tapping around the points brought such a smile to my face. And I’m happy to say the holiday manifested – and I did sit beside the pool with my coffee enjoying the sunrise. 

Other tips:

  • Move whilst tapping. Don’t be afraid to tap while you dance along to an uplifting song.
  • If you comfort eat when your mood is subdued, tap before you start eating. This may help you to eat more mindfully, and if you eat too much, it may help you to opt for a healthier portion size.
  • Do something kind for someone else (or for yourself!!). Think random acts of kindness. Doing something kind for someone else helps take the focus out, which can be helpful when in a low mood state, which can tend to be inward-looking.
  • Plant flowers/bulbs. Get your hands dirty. Feel the earth in your hands. This is very grounding, and satisfying too. At time of writing in Ireland, it is Autumn, perfect for planting daffodil/snowdrop/crocus/tulip bulbs etc., which will brighten up another day early next year. Win-win!
  • Smell something nice: incense, essential oils or whatever you can and that you like. Stimulating your sense of smell with a lovely aroma can give you a lift. For low mood, try the citrus oils, especially orange. I have an aromatherapy oil diffuser and it gives me a real lift and feels like an act of self-care to put it going. 

Top Tip:

  • Tap a gratitude tapping round on all the things you can think of that you feel grateful for. They don’t have to be big things, even that you have shoes on your feet is fine.

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About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals. She provides  Energy EFT sessions and WELLNESS COACHING. Susan is a qualified counsellor and mental health nurse. Get in touch for more info.

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