Raising Your Mood with EFT


When our mood is low, from an energy point of view, there are energy blockages. I love Silvia Hartmann’s diagram, below, that shows an energy block before and after tapping. The stressed one (left) is relevant to low mood, somebody feeling frightened, jealous, angry, bereaved and so on. We tap to improve energy flow and thus remove the blockage.








So, what can you do about raising your mood with Energy EFT? I recommend:

  • Rate yourself now on the energy or SUE scale (see above)
  • Start by de-stressing first if you are in the minuses, by tapping on a word such as ‘peace,’ ‘calm’ or ‘relax.’
  • Now think of a word that is positive and uplifting to you. It might be joy, happiness, bliss, confident, romantic love, lottery-winning-ticket, and so on. Any set-up that would give you a boost of positivity.
  • Tap a round on that and keep tapping. You can use the same setup or a new one. After each round check in with the Energy Scale again and rate how you are doing.*

The idea is to keep improving energy flow, which usually naturally correlates with our mood. The better the energy flow, the brighter your mood. Energy EFT gives us a fast and free way to improve energy flow. You can really have fun with this too. Using Positive EFT, you can tap for any number of fun and uplifting things.

Other tips:

  • Move whilst tapping. Don’t be afraid to tap while you dance along to an uplifting song.
  • If you comfort eat when your mood is subdued, tap before you start eating. This may help you to eat more mindfully, and if you eat too much, it may help you to opt for a healthier portion size.
  • Tap a gratitude tapping round on all the things you can think of that you feel grateful for. They don’t have to be big things, even that you have shoes on your feet is fine.
  • Do something kind for someone else (or for yourself!!). Think random acts of kindness. Doing something kind for someone else helps take the focus out, which can be helpful when in a low mood state, which can tend to be inward looking.
  • Plant flowers/bulbs. Get your hands dirty. Feel the earth in your hands. This is very grounding, and satisfying too. At time of writing in Ireland it is Autumn, perfect for planting daffodil/snowdrop/crocus/tulip bulbs etc., which will brighten up another day early next year. Win win!
  • Smell something nice: incense, aromatherapy oils or whatever you can and that you like. Stimulating your sense of smell with a lovely aroma can give you a lift.

* If it’s hard to do this on your own at first, work with an Energy EFT Master Practitioner. You can work online or in person, here is a map of Practitioners in the various countries. Also, training in Energy EFT will help you to become more confident in how you apply it. Trainings are also available online and live in many different countries.

IMG_2111 (2)


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through Energy EFT. She is a Guild of Energists Energy EFT Trainer, teaching in Co. Kerry & Galway, Ireland and she provides 1:1 Counselling, and internationally  Energy EFT sessions, and Success Mentoring via Skype. Susan is an Accredited Counsellor with the APCP. Get in touch for more info.

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