The Law of Attraction for Beginners



The law of attraction states that what we think about we create. Our thoughts create our experiences. It’s the biggest secret, well errr, not since The Secret movie and book came out, but it’s something that we should all be aware of. Look at the things you have already manifested in your life, your achievements. To do this began with a picture, an idea in your mind. You revisited the picture many times in your thoughts, and you acted in such a way that made it happen. But if you hadn’t had that vision, you possibly would not have been able to do it.

The law of attraction is not the only law. There are other factors at play. If that were the only law then everyone who was suffering in any way would be entirely responsible, and we wouldn’t bother helping anyone. We’d say ‘well if you weren’t thinking so negatively then this wouldn’t have happened, now would it?’ That said, I have met many people, and I include myself, who have learned about the law of attraction and seen it in action and can’t wait to tell everyone about it. It’s all very well to say to someone who is not feeling good in themselves ‘try thinking more positively about this’ but don’t expect a clap on the back for it. They have to come to that conclusion for themselves, and so unless they ask you about it, I should think just being a good example of the law of attraction in action is the best way of helping.

Have you experienced thinking about something a lot and then it shows up in your life? An example would be thinking about a certain holiday destination and then you get to go there. Not just because you idly daydreamed about it, but in your mind you created it, and took the necessary actions to make that happen. It works in the negative sense too – ‘I’m going to slip’ and you slip, ‘I’m going to fail the test,’ and you fail the test.

If you consider for a moment the thoughts you have had over the last hour, you will remember a lot of them I expect. Have they been positive or negative, worrisome or confident, critical or grateful? If you are a worrier, it doesn’t mean you have to stay a worrier if you’d like to change. We can change our thoughts. This comes as a surprise to many, as though our thoughts are just like trains passing in and out of the station of our mind. But we affect them, and just as we can train up muscles in the body, we can train our thoughts.

Some of the things people use are:

  • Affirmations
  • Goal setting and daily planners
  • Brain dump (where you write out all the thoughts in your head on paper and can then start looking at solutions rather than having them muddling around your head in an unruly fashion)
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude lists (writing down ten things a day you feel grateful for)
  • Positive visualisation
  • Oh and of course…. EFT!!! EFT stand for emotional freedom techniques and involves you gently tapping on energy meridians whilst focusing on something you want to work with in your personal development, see the demo video below:

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