Top Tips in Overcoming Overwhelm



De-stress: Overwhelm is that feeling that you can’t do everything you need to do. It can be associated with feelings of anxiety; a sensation of your head being all scrambled and it’s hard to think straight. When we are overwhelmed it can be hard to do anything. This is because we are stressed, so the first most important step in moving forward is to de-stress. I have found EFT the fastest and most effective method of de-stressing, and include the video below as an example of a de-stressing round. When our stress levels come down, our outlook naturally shifts and we see things in a more positive and solution-focussed way.

Identify the cause: Do you experience overwhelm a lot? So what causes it? Well I would first ask who caused it. If its work deadlines coming from someone outside of yourself and you had no choice or input as to what you were expected to do, then we call this an external source. But if it came from us having unrealistically high expectations of ourselves and piling jobs onto our to-do list then this is an internal source. In other words we are doing it to ourselves. We can still do this in a work situation if we have perfectionist traits and insist on things being done to a higher standard than is required.

Assertiveness and Boundaries: If it’s external then we need to look at what is within our power to do about it. Is it possible to speak to the person involved and explain that things are getting on top of you and you need some help? If you have a problem asserting yourself or speaking up about your needs it may be useful to get some help with this. Counselling, personal development books or assertiveness classes are all things that could help you. It might be an old pattern that you have, something that was modelled for you as a child. Either way there are things you can do to become more assertive and fair to your own needs.

Rest and Free Time: We can become overwhelmed if we are not getting enough rest and free time. Down time, where you are not expected to do stuff is important. This can be especially hard for working parents or those who work and/or care for others. Similarly for students who are in class and then have other expectations in the evening, studying and perhaps working as well.  For your well-being try to schedule in some activities that give you a break from do-ing. Going on social media, or idly surfing the internet isn’t nearly as helpful as getting out in the fresh air or spending time with friends.

As always, EFT can help. Here is another demonstrational video specific to overcoming overwhelm.

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