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Weight Loss & Motivation with EFT: Isn’t that what it’s all about? Motivation. Consistency. If it could be bottled and sold what would people be willing to pay for it? Well believe it or not you can actually create it for yourself. You are more powerful than you probably realise. Most of us are.

So for a start ask yourself just how you would rate your motivation to lose weight on the SUE Scale* right now? +10 = completely and utterly motivated and -10 = about as unmotivated as you could possibly get. 0 is neutral.

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Got your number? Make a note of it if you are going to use EFT so that you can track your progress before and after tapping. Then, for finding out what might be blocking you from motivation to lose weight say the following statements/questions to yourself and note how comfortable and truthful they feel to you:

  • It is safe for me to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.
  • I deserve to achieve my desired weight and maintain it.
  • Who would I be if I achieve and maintain my healthy weight and does this feel good?
  • Who might be upset with me if I achieve and maintain my healthy weight?

The statements and questions above all relate to three key issues that come up for people in terms of blocks to success: safety, identity and deserving. If you feel its unsafe to achieve your goal, or it will change your identity and you are not sure who you would be, or that you don’t deserve it, you will sabotage your progress. Sabotage is where we deliberately disrupt our progress. In weight loss this often manifests in binge eating, undoing all of your good work, not exercising etc. It’s all very normal human stuff. But with EFT you can explore the blocks and start to unravel and release them. If your weight loss issues are sensitive, work with an experienced practitioner. Working with an EFT Practitioner can be highly beneficial as they will help you to uncover blind spots and pick yourself up when you are finding it hard.

Some more examples of unhelpful (tappable) beliefs include:

  • If I lose weight my partner won’t like it
  • People will be jealous or resentful of me
  • I might lose the weight and realise I’m still not happy and have to look into some other painful thing
  • I might make myself ill (associations with thin and ill/or old)

About EFT generally and how to do it

Weight Loss & Motivation with EFT is covered in my classical EFT programme: Love Yourself Slim with EFT which is available to download and use at home. It contains over three hours of audio recordings to break through weight loss resistance and support your long term and short term goals. Included in the programme are 40 plus audios to tap along to, which target common weight loss blocks as well as rounds to increase motivation and confidence, and a focusing visualisation and manual. Also 10 weight loss EFT demonstrational videos.

One of the EFT videos included in the programme for motivation to exercise:

* = SUE (subjective units of experience) scale originates from the work of Silvia Hartmann, the founder of Modern Energy EFT. The video shown above and my online programme are done using classical EFT, which uses the SUDS (subjective units of distress) scale to measure progress.


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